Laminate Flooring

On installation your laminate flooring it will need to acclimatize.It’s as easy as leaving them in their box in the middle of the room for 48 hours.The room should be at a steady normal room temperature.

When you start acclimatizing your laminate flooring you should make sure to leave it in its box,in the room that you’re going to install it in.Whilst the flooring acclimatizes the room needs to remain at ‘normal’ temperature.

Make sure the sub floor is as clean as possible.Sweep,Hoover and wash the floor and leave it to dry.It must be level,which means less than 3mm deviation over a 1m area

Where to start installation

Start in a corner working left to right then the end with the short tongue against the wall.Use expansion spacers along the wall to easily keep the 10mm expansion gap.This gap will cater for the natural shift in size through seasons and temperatures,and without it your laminate floors could become damaged.

Laminate floors can be used all room.It is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.A correct waterproofing would be visible for long lasting protection.

The seamless click-in system prevents dust and dirt from collecting on or between the planks,which is an ideal feature for the study/children’s room & not forgetting the trend we are in with choosing a laminate floor tiles throughout the complete house which sets a slick touch to it for sure.

Many has asked if you could install on staircases an the answer is a big yes you can definitely cover a staircase by installing new laminate tiles with a nice edging trim to finish it off.

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