Why ceramic wall tiles are perfect for your home

Ceramic wall tiles is made from different types of clay that are pressed and fired in a kiln.The tiles can be glazed with a mixture of metal oxides for color and ground glass for a hard surface.

Ceramic tiles range from vitreous (water resistant) to nonvitreous (not).

The benefit of ceramic wall tile is that it’s easy to clean and practically maintenance free,” therefore glazed tiles makes it very durable and also allows manufacturers to create many custom colors. Ceramic wall tiles offers the most design versatility.”

Wall tiles still seems to be in a great demand with new home owners wanting to stamp there signature look throughout the house.
Use ceramic tile on kitchen counters and backsplashes and in bathrooms.

As for the bathroom walls tiles,we highly recommend waterproofing to be done in the shower walls/floor surface before any plastering and tiling takes place.

Kitchen wall tiles near and next to the extractor fan requires a definite waterproofing with keycoat is a must as to our spec.

This is an essential process for an immaculate and long lasting finish with all our installations.

Can You Tile on wood?

Yes,definitely you can tile on wooden floors.

A process of adhesive slush is mixed with keycoat into a bucket and applied thoroughly across the complete wooden surface area for better bonding of the new tile flooring.

A preferred dry time period for the keycoat slush would take up to 24 hours minimum.

We recommend reading the ratio mix on the back of the bottle to your specific area coverage.

Quickset adhesive
Keycoat waterproof

STEP 2: The first question is to ask if the room or kitchen size is suitable for small or large tiles.One’s most quickest way to find is to ask yourself do the walls feel like it’s cramping your space size. Well if that’s the case you definitely got your answer to go with with large tiles for better room space.

At home your wall and floor are visible so it clearly sets the mood while watching TV or making food in the kitchen so whenever in doubt Delco Tilers is a stone throw away for change in your home.

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